north and south - september 2002

'.  .  .  .  .we doubled back to the coast through raglan and manu bay, emerging at whale bay - described by locals as a "rippable beast".  call us wasteful but ripping of any sort was the last thing on our minds as we pulled into the driveway of harakeke, one of several rohi manu run by local aesthete brenda kidd.  

harakeke was brimming with big fat books, fresh fruit and flowers, local art and new zealand music.  even without the deck sneaking towards the shoreline and the sun that sets exactly in front of the couch it would be an enchanting place.  we opted for the catered dinner (cooked by kidd, also a chef) but my guess is that raglan's legendary fish and chip shop could have provided a heavenly picnic to be eaten on the deck, the sea view framed by the harakeke spears that gave the house its name.  .  .  .  .  .  '

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